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Delivering Gold Standard Excellence Doing Business Your Way

eDocSecure Staff Extension Services help you leverage the strengths of your staff to transform quality and cut costs by as much as 40%. Our 99% accuracy helps to maximize collections and your bottom line.  Transform your business office performance with higher collections at lower cost.

You Stay In Control

Our staff works for you. They focus on your business, your customers and your bottom line.  We work on

  • your billing system
  • Within your schedule
  • Using your processes
  • On tasks you choose
  • Managed by you

The eDocSecure Service Level Agreement sets the mutual standards on which we will be measured and paid, so there is no question about individual performance or delivered value. More important than the cost savings eDocSecure Staff Extension brings to your bottom line, is the skill and team collaboration backed by strong internal audits and quality controls we bring to the goal of Gold Standard performance for your organization.  In short we are easy to work with, passionate about accuracy and quality assurance for top delivered value.

 eDocSecure Helps You Get Higher Collections At Lower Costs

Staff Extension Services enable you to create blended teams incorporating our experienced staff with your team members for top competitive quality.  This helps you leverage the experience and loyalty of your existing team while accommodating turnover, adding value for improved customer satisfaction and increasing collected revenue- all at lower overall cost.

Benefits of  Staff Extension Services

  • Your billing management stays in control.
  • We are a US company with Global Teams
  • Experienced coders and multi-platform RCM team can hit the ground running on your system
  • We infill in your team to work roles you choose
  • Support 24 hour processing in your work schedules.
  • Maximum flexibility, you can scale up or down on 30 day notice
  • Our cost per person typically less than half of an office based FTE
  • Compliance and Quality Assurance Department ensure quality
  • Weekly and monthly targets maximize collected revenue at lower cost
  • Free up existing staff for higher value work